RCL ThirtySeven, The Hague, The Netherlands

Architecture / Real Estate

Downtown The Hague, in the former famous gay nightspot The Strass, a new restaurant-club-lounge combination has been developed.
Progressive in the current multicultural society and excelling in modern technical sound- and fire requirements. The challenge in this project lies in a number levels.

Existing building: The initiative will take place in an existing building. Because the property is in a “conservation area”, nothing can be done on the outside of the building, while the building dates from the beginning of the 20th century. The property must be transformed to the current demands.

Former gay club, future open-minded club: the demands of today’s multicultural society are becoming increasingly complex. The client, together with the creative team, decided the club should be a place that meets these requirements. No exclusion based on sexual orientation, ethnicity, color and / or culture. Coming together and sharing fun is our basic principle.

Right in the middle of a residential neighborhood: One of the biggest challenges of the project is that it meets all noise level requirements. The club, which is located in the residential area, may absolutely cause no noise disturbances. In cooperation with the sound advisor techniques were chosen so that the vibrations caused by music will not create nuisance outside the property.

Outcome, a restaurant and a club, open-minded and progressive: a chic, simple and contemporary setting for a special lunch or dinner. As lounge Thirty-Seven offers a peaceful setting to relax, to chat or to do business. Club Lounge Thirty-Seven attracts an audience that dares to distinguish, is open minded and appreciates just that little extra.